About us

"The way we treat nature depends on who we are,

our awareness and values"

- Henryk Skolimowski

Alter eko Foundation was established in 2012 by community workers who have been working with non-governmental organisations for many years. From the very beginning the people who established the organisation have believed in the values such as: sustainable development, environmental awareness, eco-active citizenship. We strive for the sustainable state and society.

We try to balance the “gravity” of environmental concepts by having a great fun and active leisure time to stimulate actions for the benefit of nature. To this end we organise environmental corporate volunteering, co-organise special eco-events, eco-quests, conduct nature and environmental trainings and workshops, establish gardens and care for greenery, issue publications and eco-education packages.


 We invite you to cooperate with us!

Daniela Grzesińska  Magdalena Krajewska  Kamila Musiatowicz